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This is simply my little shrine to worship at the alter that is Rachel McAdams. I noticed a lack of livejournal buzz about the talented actress and decided to do something about it.

I try to update everyday, but I'm not perfect, and often times I miss a day. However, every day that I update I will at least provide one picture. News stories will be posted when they are availible.

If you have something to post, DON'T BE AFRAID TO DO SO. All posts are moderated by either thatsmymclife or __overexposed, but we are very lenient - as long as it pertains to Rachel and is not disrespectful or repetitive, it will be posted. This is a fan community after all.

Rules: Just be respectful, to each other and to Rachel. If you are not a Rachel McAdams fan, there is no need for you here. Negativity is not appreciated. I would also appreciate it if you don't hotlink or steal any of the pictures I post without asking first - every daily picture is customized by me (because I enjoy prettiness).

All pictures used on this site are courtesy of the Rachel McAdams Network & their galleries.

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